Milkability Evaluation

Provides risk assessment of the milking process. A systematic evaluation at milking time focuses on fine-tuning milking speed, cow comfort, teat health & process flow.

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Mastitis Evaluation

Assessment of clinical & subclinical mastitis including sources: cow, environment, worker and milking machine. Custom plans for prevention and antibiotic use reduction.

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Animal Welfare

Provides customized services, product assessments and 2nd party evaluations to help farmers, advisors, and milk processors meet animal welfare goals.

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Recent updates for Milk Quality Pays:

DeLaval DMA Level 1 Trained (May 2018)

Provide services to herds with robotic milkers, including:

Evaluate Key Performance Indicators to determine if factors may be optimized for improvements:

  • Lactation yield
  • % Time Allocation: milking, idle, cleaning time
  • Milk Flow
  • % Fetch Cows
  • Records Analysis

Evaluate milking, including inflation alternatives from the perspective of a liner manufacturer & 'cow person' with the intent to improve cow comfort, & percent of time milking

Re-certified for NMPF FARM 3.0 Train the Trainer  through March 2019

Provide training and exam to individuals or groups wanting to become certified to do 2nd party FARM 3.0 evaluations

Do 2nd party FARM 3.0 evaluations for cooperatives, milk plants, or others

Prep farms to achieve & surpass animal welfare goals and increasing requirements

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