Milkability Evaluation

Provides risk assessments of the milking process. A systematic evaluation at milking time focuses on fine-tuning milking speed, cow comfort, teat health & process flow.

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Mastitis Evaluation

Assessment of clinical & subclinical mastitis including sources: cow, environment, worker and milking machine. Custom plans for prevention and antibiotic use reduction.

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Animal Welfare

Provides customized services, product assessments and 2nd party evaluations to help farmers, farm advisors, and milk processors meet animal welfare    goals.

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What's New at Milk Quality Pays...

Cheesemaking Course (May 6-12, 2019)

Attended 7-day immersion class offered by Westminster Artisan Cheesemaking in Vermont, teaching the cheesemaking process, seasonal effects, milk composition and quality, bacteriology, regulations, sanitation, food safety and business planning. read more...

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Milk Quality Pays featured in M2-Magazine (Feb 2019)

Dr Sandy Costello and Milk Quality Pays were featured in M2-Magazine's, an international publication on mastitis and milk quality. read article...

Robotics/Automated MilkerTraining (May/June/Dec 2018)

Lely and DeLaval Dairy Management Advisor Certification means more targeted services from Milk Quality Pays for herds with automated milking equipment and facilities.


Re-certified for NMPF FARM Train the Trainer  

Milk Quality Pays continues to provide 2nd party evaluations and offers training for individuals and groups wanting to become certified in FARM evaluations.