About Me

Hello. I’m Dr. Sandy Costello. With all the information to read and learn about, I appreciate that you’ve made the time to visit Milk Quality Pays, learn about my business, and read my blogs.

I developed Milk Quality Pays as a place to explore dairy herd management, especially milking systems and mastitis prevention. I will also explore ideas and new information about animal welfare, sustainability, and employee management. Hopefully you won’t find the same recycled articles but thought provoking and informative articles that move us all forward.

My company, Milk Quality Pays, is an independent business with a demonstrated history of working for dairy farmers and with their advisors, including lenders, milk plant and cooperatives, nutritionists, milking equipment manufacturers and dealers, veterinarians, and others. Milk Quality Pays is skilled in dairy management, milking equipment evaluations, veterinary medicine, on-farm trouble-shooting and resolution, technical and grant writing, and training both nationally and internationally.

I have worked in various positions throughout my career as regional manager for a milking equipment manufacturer, extension specialist, technical specialist for a national feed company, University dairy management faculty and teacher, and herd manager on dairy farms managing people and herd health programs.

I earned a PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison in Mastitis Diagnostics and Decision-Making and held a post doctoral position at Cornell University on the Quality Milk Production Services Bulk Tank Diagnostic Program and the New York Secure Milk Supply Program. I also earned a Graduate Certificate from Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Public Health.

My farmer clients and colleagues have cited my greatest attributes as having the ability to distill complex information so it is easy to understand and implement, ability to work hard and get down to the nitty gritty of what needs to happen, and ability to motivate change in both farmers and farm advisors so all work together to get results.

Please feel free to reach out to me about my business, questions or comments about articles, etc. I love to learn from others and hope to instill thinking in those that choose to follow me.