Animal Welfare

Animal welfare evaluations of dairy farms have become essential to doing business and selling dairy product off-farm. Milk Quality Pays offers services to help farmers, advisors, and milk processors meet animal welfare goals. As with other services, these may be modified to satisfy farm and/or advisor needs.

Animal Welfare Services:

  1. Herd Management Systems (tasks and procedures) are evaluated based on owner/manager goals, employee compliance, and with respect to NMPF FARM 3.0 or other evaluation or audit programs of the dairy. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are organized and written or modified, to meet farm goals with respect to advisor input, scientific evidence, and NMPF FARM 3.0 or other program guidance.
    • includes Bilingual SOPs and documentation, where needed, and written by a Hispanic dairy specialist
  2. 2nd Party FARM 3.0 evaluations are provided for plants, cooperatives, or farms selling dairy product directly off-farm
    • Training of individuals or groups that want to be certified to provide 2nd Party evaluations (NMPF FARM 3.0)
    • Note: Milk Quality Pays cannot officially evaluate a dairy farm through FARM 3.0 when that same farm has participated in other programs offered by Milk Quality Pays as this could be viewed by others as a conflict of interest.
  3. Training of individuals or groups that want to learn more about NMPF FARM 3.0
    • this can also be offered as bilingual training
  4. Serve as 3rd Party Facilitator to advance on-farm understanding of the herd veterinarian and farm manager regarding Animal Welfare issues/practices in order to advance Animal Welfare concerns on the farm.
    • For more information on this important topic, see my post Perspectives of Farmers & Veterinarians on Dairy Cattle Welfare
  5. Prepare Grants and submit to funding agencies on Animal Welfare issues
  6. Conduct Research, Analyze Data, and Prepare Reports to document outcome of Animal Welfare practices on-farm
    • For example, test products on-farm to determine best fit to improve cow comfort on-farm(s)
    • This service can be provided for large to mid-size dairies, groups of dairies, and/or for companies
  7. Test Animal Welfare associated products for farms, groups of farms, and/or businesses